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Grain-Free and Happy

Since reading Undoctored and Wheat Belly, by cardiologist, Dr. William Davis, John and I decided to stop eating all grains!  If you read his books, you’ll understand how the human body wasn’t made to process grains. It just made total sense, and as you all know, I am into keeping my body and immune system strong and healthy since having cancer twice.  Modern wheat and grains have been genetically modified to provide the greatest yield at the lowest cost and are not the same grains our ancestors once ate. These new grains create inflammation in our bodies and have links to a myriad of health problems including immunological diseases such as dementia, rheumatoid arthritis and celiac disease.

In order to be on a grain-free diet, you must exclude all grains and grain-derived foods. That means no wheat – which includes most bread, pasta, cakes, cookies and cereals, no rice, no popcorn or corn products, no oats, rye, barley, bulgur, muesli, and millet. I know, that’s most of everyone’s diet in America. If you can’t give up the grains, at least give up the worst kinds of grain which are the highly processed, refined flours soaked with sugar and filled with preservatives for a long shelf life. Your body can’t recognize that fake mess and has no idea what to do with it and so it stuffs it into your fat cells. That’s how we become toxic and sick!  I always say, follow the money trail.

That said, there are three pseudo grains that some people eat in small amounts… quinoa, amaranth, and buckwheat.  These three are listed as grains, but really are seeds of broadleaf plants in a different group called dicots.  I occasionally use them but not on a regular basis.  I just found some 100% buckwheat crackers, so when I entertain or want something that needs to be on a cracker, I will allow myself one or two. This item has one ingredient– Buckwheat flour.

If you decide to try this option of eating you may see improvements in mood and cognition, more energy, improved insulin sensitivity, and respite from the issues of autoimmune diseases.  Your microbiome may improve as well since the irritations will be removed.  John and I feel incredible and have been off grains for almost two years. I originally missed my addiction to breads but eventually found replacements that satiated my appetite.

I found the Simple Mills brand of mixes that are wonderful and easy for the busy days where making something from scratch isn’t going to happen.  The pancake waffle mix makes delicious pancakes and great waffles.  John loves them!  The almond crackers are crunchy and give you the satiation of having a special treat. At Christmas, my sister put cream cheese and hot pepper jelly on them, and they went fast!  As I said above, the buckwheat crackers are yummy and I also recently discovered some coconut flakes cereal when I need some variety for breakfast. These items all should be used in moderation but makes me happy!

As you go along on this new eating style you will be amazed at what you can have that is similar and yet much healthier for you and your body.  I don’t miss much anymore.  I have embraced this new way of eating and hope you will give it a try.  You don’t have to go full speed, but I bet you will feel better after two weeks of compliance.

To your health and long life,

Alis Jordan

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