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What is Progurt? – Human Probiotic Isolates

Staying on top of all the current health information has been a huge part of my life since having cancer – twice.  I do quite a bit of reading and there is always new information coming out on healing cancer or keeping it at bay.  Of course, be watchful of who is touting the information.  If it’s a pharmaceutical company – run!

One day my husband John came home from our local health food store with “Progurt”.  I have been taking probiotics for years and many of you have heard that healing our microbiome is super important to healing our bodies of dis-ease.  The human gut contains over 100 trillion microorganisms which protect us from viruses, supports our immune system and helps our bodies with the elimination process. Some researchers say that up to 90 percent of all diseases can be traced in some way back to our gut and the health of the microbiome. The importance of our gut microbiome cannot be overstated.  I believe that poor gut health contributes to all major health issues like cancer.  First there is an irritation and if we ignore it, it turns to Inflammation in your body.  Most disease is a major inflammation.  It’s your body screaming, “HELP!”  Doctors will gladly give you a pill to mask the symptoms but what you need to do is stop the reason why you became sick.  Your body will heal itself if allowed to do so.

Taking just probiotics and not changing your diet isn’t going to do the most good.  You must stop the creation of inflammation by eliminating foods that are at the route cause.  Stop eating refined vegetable oils (like canola, corn and soybean oils, which are high in pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids. Pasteurized dairy products, refined carbohydrates, and processed grain products.  I say stop the grains – period!  Conventional meat, poultry and eggs are high in omega-6’s due to feeding the animals corn and cheap ingredients that negatively affect their microbiome and in turn hurts yours.  Eat grass-fed, grass finished meats only. Stop all the sugar!  Stop buying most packaged snacks, breads, condiments, canned items, cereals, loaded with sugar, trans fats and hydrogenated fats.  Read all your labels carefully.  Don’t just pick it up and throw it into your shopping cart without reading what’s really in it. Research what the ingredients are – most of us can’t even pronounce them. Our bodies cannot handle these adulterated chemicals.

Okay now back to Progurt.  The idea was to give this to my father who was struggling with incontinence.  After all his heart surgeries, long-term hospital stays, numerous drugs and antibiotics, he really had nothing left in his gut that was working correctly.  He also had stopped speaking and was severely struggling and I was extremely worried.  The woman at the health food store we shop at told John about this product and thought it would help him. She said they give Progurt to autistic children who have never spoken a word and after taking it, they began speaking.  That sounded too incredible to believe, but she is an encylopedia of knowledge and so John purchased it and I gave it to my father.  The dose is for two days and then the next month, you do the same and so on.  Easy to do and the results were tremendous. Dad’s system went back to normal and he started speaking once again.  If I didn’t see this work first hand, I would never have believed it.  So now John and I take this product every month and we both feel better. I highly recommend you look at this product and read up about how important a healthy microbiome is too keeping disease at bay.  Not all probiotics are the same.  This product is identical to the microflora found in the human intestinal tract and not from the milk of a species of cattle or swine that most probiotics are from.

We all need an extra lift and I hope this probiotic stirs your interest into getting your microbiome back to a healthy state.  I’m not affiliated at all to this product, just a very happy customer.

To your health and long life,

Alis Jordan

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