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YouTube videos with 2.7 Million views, 4.3 million views all removed and censored. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram controlling what we can read, upload or cancelling our accounts.  Have you questioned WHY this is happening? Here is my opinion.

The “Cancel Culture” (originated with the rise of Lenin and Soviet Communism) is hard at work, taking away our First Amendment Rights. Anyone who is speaking out against their personal beliefs are being cancelled. From Politics to Medicine, this is a huge issue!

I first came across Dr. Rashid A. Buttar when he was part of the series “The Truth About Cancer”.  He is a highly respected Doctor within the Alternative Medicine Crowd and one of many that has been bold enough to give us the truth behind mainstream medical news. Of course, this does not sit well with those wanting us to believe their myths and spend our money on drugs they produce so they can make their billions.  The biased media creates and stirs up our fears and helps them with the lie. WHY?

I recently watched a YouTube video Dr. Buttar did that was censored because it was giving us real facts about wearing a face mask. He is now on a new video channel –where he has uploaded all his videos.

Hundreds of Medical doctors are trying to help people like myself who are not big on mainstream healthcare. Dr. Russell Blaylock a well-known Neurosurgeon and author put out a great piece called – Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks to The Healthy. A very good read filled with great information. You can read it here.  Dr. Blaylock has a website for his Wellness Report, and videos

Another great new website is Watch the very informative videos and Dr. Simone Gold, she is amazing.

Dr. Mercola has been a health advocate for years and has a very informative website filled with great information. I use his site quite often when I am researching. He has many informative articles on COVID-19 and Masks.

I am an Advocate for knowing the TRUTH. I am living proof that Alternative Medicine works against STAGE 4 Cancer. I would never put down anyone who believes in Big Pharma or Mainstream medicine, but I do not think they should shut down people with other viewpoints. It is called FREEDOM of speech.  Something Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram do not allow on their platforms with their Cancel Culture private agendas. I no longer use any of them and recommend others to quit using them. There is the adage, if it’s FREE, then YOU are the product.

It is your right to wear a mask if you want to, but I refuse to wear one; it is my God given right to do so.  If you think because I am not wearing one, I will give you COVID-19, my opinion is you are being misled. I am not a medical doctor, nor am I telling you what to do. Every person needs to evaluate the real information given and make their own educated health choices. But don’t think I am inconsiderate, or selfish because I do not believe in the face mask or the vaccine. My research says it suppresses my immune system.  I have done my homework, and these are my personal educated views. Start questioning and become aware of what is really going on.  Use your common sense and logic.  My opinion is, it’s not about the virus…It is about control and taking away our freedoms. Taking away our rights of free speech and assembly – with your family no less!  No one has the right to do that unless YOU allow it.

Here are what many doctors are saying about wearing a face mask:

If you wear a face mask you are restricting your oxygen intake. You are increasing the amount of carbon dioxide that you are breathing in.

Studies done show that face masks make you breathe in the same stuff in and out increasing the number of bacteria you are breathing in. Viruses have no place to go except upward through your olfactory nerves to your brain.

The condensation from your breath is breaking down the polypropylene components in the mask and you are breathing in toxic fumes.

Wearing a mask increases your cortisol levels which suppress your immune system. You are increasing your own susceptibility by wearing a mask.  You are stressing your body out, making your body weaker by wearing a mask and becoming hypoxic.  More vulnerable to any pathogen that comes your way, instead of your body’s immune system fighting it off as it should work.

Mayo Clinic states this on their Website: CAUSES OF HYPOXEMIA

Several factors are needed to continuously supply the cells and tissues in your body with oxygen:

  • There must be enough oxygen in the air you are breathing.
  • Your lungs must be able to inhale the oxygen-containing air — and exhale carbon dioxide.
  • Your bloodstream must be able to circulate blood to your lungs, take up the oxygen and carry it throughout your body.

A problem with any of these factors — for example, high altitude, asthma or heart disease — might result in hypoxemia, particularly under more extreme conditions, such as exercise or illness. When your blood oxygen falls below a certain level, you might experience shortness of breath, headache, and confusion or restlessness.

Take an oximeter and see your oxygen level drop from wearing the mask.

Check your facts and read ALL VIEWS. This is not Republican vs Democrat vs Liberal.  This is your HEALTH they are playing with! Your LIFE!

Doctors recommend these vitamins known to boost your immune system to stay healthy: Vitamin D (have your levels checked. People with very low levels are more apt to get sick), Zinc, Selenium, NAC, Quercetin, colloidal silver, vitamin C.

These two need a prescription from your doctor.  Hydroxychloroquine a Malaria drug and Ivermectin an FDA-approved broad spectrum anti-parasitic agent. These two drugs along with Zinc have been known to help against COVID-19 since the outbreak, and now finally getting into the main stream news.

To Your Health and Freedom,

Alis Jordan

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