About Alis


Alis Jordan, is a two-time cancer survivor who is successfully fighting peritoneal cancer—a rare form found in the lining of the abdomen.  Through nutrition, exercise and faith she has overcome stage 4 cancer and is grateful for her healing and second chance at life. Her new mission is to help others going through the battle and hopes her book “Rowing through Cancer” will illuminate their way.

Cancer is beatable, but knowing “what to do” is the hardest part of the journey.  Her book starts with a rowing accident in Italy and how the man who injured her that day saved her life. It continues with the roller coaster ride of all the pitfalls she encountered with hospitals and doctors and how Divine intervention lead to her recovery.

Being so close to deaths door made her priorities change rather quickly.  She learned about what is important in life and what isn’t.  Alis realized all the “things” in her life meant nothing, but her family, experiences, joys and sharing with others meant everything.  Alis has worked over 30 years in the Arts, and has numerous accomplishments to her name, but this current mission was not on her list—until it was given to her by God.