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Reflection is a likeness, a mirror image, a thought or expression.  I find myself always taking pictures of reflections.  I love the beauty of the image and it truly fascinates me.  I used to say they were like Rorschach tests, but lately I am feeling they are much more than that.

We, as humans are reflections.  We reflect what we see, hear and do.  Life and other people’s actions affect our reflection.  It could be very positive or very negative.  If a boat came cruising by while I was taking my picture, it would have affected my photograph and the reflection would not be perfect.  Matter of fact it might not have been seen at all due to the waves and turmoil that happened, but it is still there, just hidden.

The Bible says we are made in His image and likeness and this early morning image made me realize I am a perfect reflection. A reflection can’t be anything other than what it’s reflecting.

As I contemplated this thought, I realized maybe our health issues are reflections.  All we see and hear on the TV or radio are horrific diseases and what medicines to take for relief, but not a cure.  We let these negative and scary images into our reflection (thought) and now we are in major disruption.  The only way back to perfection is to release the fear, and realize who we are, and there lies the cure.

When we put too much reliance on medicines and not the WHY we become unstable and imbalanced.  I have and continue to question why I became sick with cancer, not once, but twice.  The answer is I was out of balance, mentally, emotionally and physically and let other people’s actions disrupt my true reflection.  I let fear in and once that foothold is there, it takes a strong commitment to come back stronger.

Understand how you absorb information and question it, don’t always take the answer received as the truth.  Remember your reflection.

To your Health and Long Life,

Alis Jordan

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