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Staying Positive Through Adversity

A rowing friend ordered two of my “Rowing through Cancer” books and I delivered them to her at the boathouse. Later that week on Thursday, I received a message telling me after receiving the books, she went to pick up her husband from his walk and learned that his recent MRI diagnosis was Pancreatic Cancer stage 4.  My heart sank when I read it.  She asked if I would meet them for lunch sometime; her husband wanted to discuss my cancer journey.

I said I could meet on Friday, and was told he was going for a biopsy of his tumor that morning, but could meet afterwards.  I was horrified that he was doing that and asked her if he could hold off on the biopsy, because from all my reading and from the information given to me by an Integrative Medicine doctor, when they do the aspiration, chances are, it spreads cancer cells.  I wish I had known that initially, because I am sure it happened to me. I can only suggest and give my personal thoughts and opinions on cancer.  Then people need to look up what I am saying and make their own educated decision.  I am not a doctor, just a very informed person on cancer.

Mainstream medical doctors put you through tests upon tests and keep you so busy you don’t have time to think about what you are doing or even to research the pros and cons before doing them.  They make you feel like there is no time to waste— you must do this now or die.  But, no matter what they say, you need to do your research first, then make your decision. When I was first told they found cancer, it was all about getting chemotherapy immediately.  All I heard was urgency in their voices and they didn’t want to discuss or give me any real answers.  Cancer doesn’t happen overnight and you have time to do your research.

I received a text that Friday morning saying that he decided not to do the biopsy and we could meet for lunch anytime.  Oh, Thank God, he did his homework and made a radical positive step towards his recovery.

So, we met and had a very nice lunch. He wanted to talk to me about my cancer journey and I was so grateful for the opportunity.  They had read my book and knew most of what I had gone through already, so I listened to his thoughts and decisions and then shared more information.

My friend’s husband was so together for someone just diagnosed with a dreadful, stage 4 diagnosis of cancer.  We spoke about his decision to heal through Integrative Medicine at the Gerson Institute in Mexico.  His “positive attitude” and “strong desire to live” will serve him well on this journey.  Believing you will be healed with a strong determination to win is powerful. I applaud his choice and his “I can do this” attitude.

To heal we must strongly believe it, see it and live it. Prayer is also powerful—I am praying for him and I ask that you put him on your prayer list.  All things are possible to God.  Amen!

3 thoughts on “Staying Positive Through Adversity”

  1. What was his outcome stage 4 pancreatic cancer it is usually weeks by the time they find it. I lost a brother to gallbladder cancer of all things. Worst part is he was a veteran and was going to the veterans hospital they outsourced his ct scan and they did not follow through and get his results. He assumed they must be ok or he would have heard. How many times i have heard people say that and i cring each time. I go get my own results of blood work anything i have done. I dont trust staff to get it off the fax machine or see that it goes through. If they had removed my brothers gallbladder he might be alive today.
    Donna Jordan Boehm

    1. Hi Donna,
      My friend is still in the battle. I am so sorry to hear about your brother. I learned we need to be our own advocates and stay on top of our health. You are doing the absolutely correct thing! I also believe that Food is the best Medicine.

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