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“Rowing through Cancer” is now shipping!

For this weeks blog, I am sharing the introduction page of my book.  

When you hear the words “We found cancer…” your life changes in an instant and it will never ever be the same again.  Alis Jordan

Cancer changes everything about you. Your mental outlook, your diet, your body, your life!  But it doesn’t mean there is no hope for a full recovery. I am living proof that you can beat cancer. It’s been six and a half years now since I learned I had cancer. I live each day beating cancer and will probably do so for the rest of my life.  We all have options and mine is to do whatever it takes to live a long and fruitful life and help others do so as well.

This book is written in two parts.  PART ONE is called “Rowing through Cancer”. My journey starts with a rowing accident in Italy. The man who hit our boat was deemed a nuisance and devil, but was really the “Angel” who ultimately saved my life. It continues with my emergency surgery after returning home, for a ruptured spleen and crushed liver from the rowing accident; my diagnosis of cancer and the battle to make the doctors prove I had cancer before jumping into chemotherapy. I went for a second opinion that made matters worse and still no conclusive evidence of where my cancer was coming from.  All the testing was negative. Divine intervention at its best and the first of many in my story comes when my husband John bumps into a doctor friend while rowing who finally gives us some hope and a positive direction to follow.

This is my story of getting through all the confusion, mishaps and pitfalls and finally getting to an institution that could help me; I was so naïve about cancer. My belief system was still with hospitals, doctors and drugs for a cure even though I was not happy or comfortable with the choices I had to make.  When you have always been healthy and then become sick, it throws you for a loop and you aren’t prepared for what is to follow.

PART TWO is called “Rowing into the Alternate Universe”. It’s about my second bout with the same cancer that came back 3 years later; the complete turnaround in thought as to what cancer really is, and what I was doing differently to insure it never comes back again.   Everything I said in Part One about cancer and main stream healthcare treatments becomes obsolete to me. I take a complete turnaround into the alternate universe in my thinking and approach to cancer.  Here is where I started feeling more energy, lost all the chemo weight, found happiness and joy in just living a simple life.

The last six years have been quite the education and growth experience for me and my husband John. This book is filled with information I am hoping will help anyone going through cancer.  Research, commitment, patience and love of oneself is needed here.  Hold your head up high and know the real you. Cancer is not the end of life—It is the beginning of knowing what life is about—and getting you to focus on what really matters.  Yes, it’s hard, but you can do it!  Enjoy this book and share it with others.

To your Health and Happiness, “God is Love”.

Alis D. Jordan



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