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Moving Promotes Health and Well-Being

I just recently moved from a home filled with way too many items (a blog to come on “Living with Less”) and started thinking about how moving from one home to another, in a different city, is similar to healing from disease and cancer.

First, we get a new itinerary and need to do our homework.  That means taking action to find a new home or plan of attack on our health issue. Educating ourselves on the area, or disease, then fully committing to a choice.

We now begin to rid our lives (mind) of useless clutter of any kind, cleaning out our house (body) and moving forward toward a new beginning.

Moving a home or just moving physically and mentally makes us change, grow, and focus on positive new thoughts.  We are now getting away from old, stagnant behavior and surroundings.  It forces us to move beyond our comfort zone and to reach into our inner depths and reassess what is working and what isn’t working.

Of course, moving is stressful and so is illness, but physical activity—moving, helps relieve the stress in ways that support your mind, body and health.

Complacency leads to stagnation, and with no change, we do not grow, and without growth, we will not change.  In order to heal, we need to begin anew, and we must move forward.

There are so many health articles written on how exercise helps fight disease, weight control and enhances mental acuity. Oxygen is key to sustaining a healthy body along with an exercise program that includes deep breathing and getting a good sweat going—which helps detoxify your body. Eating a healthy diet without sugar and wheat is also a key factor.  Stop eating man-made packaged franken-foods!

I thought about a beautiful lake and how when healthy, its waters move and flow and sustain life.  But if that same lake, became stagnant with no fresh flow, and was fed with chemicals and pollutants, it would not grow and survive, but become a cesspool with no life left.

Life is worth changing and growing. Be strong! Be committed! Get up and get moving!

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