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A “Lifestyle Change” After Having Cancer Twice.

The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result.  That’s what I did and that’s why I believe my cancer returned the second time.

My initial Endometrial/Peritoneal Cancer was stage 4 and I was pretty much given a death sentence.  The original doctors weren’t giving me much hope and just recommended I do chemotherapy immediately, but it was a CYA approach, and it was standard protocol. When my husband John asked if there was any hope, one doctor blurted out “NO.”

In my book “Rowing through Cancer”, I tell my story of all the mishaps and pitfalls I encountered before getting to an institution that could help me.  But after believing I was cured and I had beat the cancer, it returned 3 years later. What went wrong?  I was told that I had no more cancer and to go live my life.  I took this as – Yippee!  I beat the cancer and now I could get back to my life.

Boy was that the WRONG attitude and PATH to take!  I went back to doing things the same way I always had done them and didn’t really change my “Lifestyle.”  It never occurred to me that maybe, my cancer was brought on by a bad diet, too much stress and not taking good care of me.  Otherwise, why would I have cancer once again? I knew nothing about building up my immune system to help it fight the cancer.

My rowing helped me. That was the one thing I was doing right.  My oncologist would always say to me – keep doing what you are doing because it is working.  Well, that had to be rowing, because during my first bout of cancer I didn’t change my diet at all.  I just kept rowing and getting plenty of sunshine and oxygen into my body. I stayed as positive as I could and was on numerous prayer lists.

I didn’t know that my diet was crucial to my recovery. I didn’t know that stress creates sickness like cancer and I didn’t know that I needed to go through a major detoxing to eliminate all the toxins in my body and mind.  Eating a typical American diet is filled with chemicals.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer or any disease, you need to start immediately with a “Lifestyle Change.”  I say this because it’s not a diet change, it’s a total change.

What does that mean Alis?  Well, it means to change your diet over to a more plant-based, organic one.  If you eat meat, make sure the cows were sustainably raised, 100% grass-fed and grass-finished and not fed antibiotics, hormones or GMO feed. The same for chicken and pork.  Chickens should be organic, pasture raised or free range. The eggs from pasture-raised chickens have higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A and E. Heritage breed pork is best.  Try to eat as many green foods – as raw as possible- to turn your body from acidic to alkaline. Cancer thrives in an acidic environment.  Inflammation is the cause of many diseases and this is created by the foods we eat.

I suggest you eliminate all sugar and wheat products.  They go hand in hand.  Sugar makes you crave wheat and wheat makes you crave sugar. Go to my blog that has the 50 names for sugar and get those items off your shelf and in your refrigerator.  Doing this is timely, and costly, but it’s a must.  You can’t keep feeding your body all these processed packaged foods, franken foods/GMO foods, laden with all kinds of chemicals, pesticides and toxins and expect your body to be happy and healthy.  Eat REAL food. Yes, this takes a lot of time and preparation.  But what is a healthy life worth?  Convenience is killing us.

If you need to eat something sweet, purchase organic fruits. One Medjool date or dried fig does the trick for me.  Just one though and not the whole package!  You will learn you don’t need to eat donuts, cakes, candy or ice cream to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Once you start eating right, your body will not crave the sweets as it used to. Just remember your body assimilates real food easier.  It doesn’t know what to do with the chemically laden processed foods you ingest. Read, read and then read some more about what fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and vitamins help build up your immune system. Fruits have natural fructose (sugar) so keep the grams to 25 and under. Since I had cancer, I keep it to under 15 grams.

Get a water filtering system immediately. Stop drinking water out of plastic containers. I use the Big Berkey water filtering system and absolutely love it.  It eliminates 99.9% of all toxins in the water.  I live in an area of bad water.  You would never know it, unless you read the water reports.  I recommend you do your homework on your water, and where it comes from.  Chlorine, Fluorides, Trihalomethanes – all are bad!

I used to love watching Seinfeld on TV.  One of my favorite episodes was when George decided he would do the opposite of what he normally would do.  It was hysterically funny, but it worked for him!  I call it the Costanza method and it goes with my definition of insanity.  We must change if we want to see positive change in our life.

Knowledge is Power!

Alis Jordan





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