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I had an Exciting Week!

My first proof copy of my book arrived in early May and I had an immediate melt down when I opened the packet.  All the photos were exceptionally dark and wasn’t what I had expected to see.  Once I got over the initial shock, I called the printer to see what went wrong.  Of course it was my fault!  Originally I was going to make the entire book in color, until I received the price quote.  So I decided to keep the cover in color and convert all my interior color photos to black and white.  Using Photoshop, I converted them without checking the gray scale mode.  They looked like they were in black and white, but actually were not. This was a big problem and in my designing process I should have caught it!  Putting this book together was a monumental task, not only in writing it, but also in the layout and design.  So now, I had to go through and revert all the images again from color to gray scale.  Luckily, John my techie husband figured out a faster way to do it and it saved me hours of work. On Friday, I approved the second book proof (pictured here) and now my book is being printed!   Yayyy!!!

John also added a pay now button on my purchase the book page, for those of you who would like to pay for my book by credit card.  He was my first credit card purchaser/tester and it worked very smoothly with no issues or concerns.

I am very grateful and excited to be selling my book. Please share my site with others and let them know of my book.  You just never know whom it may help or whose life it will save.

Blessings and good health,


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