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My First Media Coverage for my Book!

Yesterday I received an email from Paul Jenkins of the Daily Commercial Newspaper, telling me my article would be out on Wednesday, June 6, 2018.  John and I had met him several months ago at an open house at our rowing club.  We spoke about rowing and how it helped me beat cancer twice.  Mr. Jenkins told us he would do a separate article and would let us know when it would come out.

As the weeks passed, I was so busy finalizing my book, proof reading it and getting it off to the printer . I also had started my web site  and blog and working on my facebook page  for my book.

My sincerest hope is that my book will get into the hands of people who are struggling with cancer, just diagnosed or know of someone who has received a cancer diagnosis.  My struggles and pitfalls will give them information on what not to do as well as what worked for me.  This book has taken me 6 years to finalize, and now I can tell my story and help others in this dreadful battle.

Thank you, Paul, for writing this wonderful article and getting my story out to those it may help.  You captured it!  I am so grateful for the blessing!  Click here to go to the article




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