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READ about Cancer, Nutrition and Health!

READ All you can about Cancer, Nutrition and Health!

When my cancer returned after being clean for 3 years, I was demoralized and then finally realized I could not keep doing what I was doing and expect different results.  Isn’t that what the definition of insanity is?  So, I decided to read everything I could to educate myself on cancer.  This lead me to many great books, web sites, newsletters, integrative medicine and medical doctors with a new attitude towards health and healing.  Many I agree with, some I don’t, but the information is important to know, and up to you to decide if it’s something to try.

Nutrition and exercise were key factors in my healing, along with vitamin C therapy, detoxing and reducing stress.  There are so many successful stories out there and reading about them gives you insights into what can be done naturally, or what can be done to help build your immune system while going through traditional therapies.   Yes, you can beat Cancer!

There is so much information on the web, that you must really be cognizant of where the information is coming from.  Always ask yourself “Is this a reputable, legitimate source or part of the cancer money trail.”

The picture I am posting is just a small example of books I have read.  Do your reading and do your homework on cancer or staying healthy.  Becoming your own health advocate is the first step to vibrant health and healing!

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