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My 6-month cancer checkup is clean!

My 6-month cancer checkup is clean!

Though I am going into my second year of being cancer free I still get awfully nervous when going for my routine MRI and blood work.  These diagnostics from a well-known hospital give me my first line of defense at beating cancer.  Once again, yesterday was filled with emotions of fear of the cancer rearing its ugly head. No matter how positive I feel, this demon is always there lurking.  Every ache, twinge or discomfort makes your mind question—is the cancer back?  Could the cancer be back?

Surviving cancer is an emotional rollercoaster and I have come to realize that “Once you have cancer, you will always have cancer, until you deal with the mental aspect of what this disease does to you.” The fear doesn’t leave you so fast, and it’s a different type of cleansing that needs to be done.  It’s very much like PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).  This is a mental health condition that is triggered by a terrifying event – such as cancer.

Remission is a terrible word.  It doesn’t say you are FREE of cancer.  It just says the cancer isn’t active right now.  It’s still there, it could come back at any time.  Most of us when we hear that word think we are free of the cancer, but that’s not the case.  Mine came back 3 years later.

Our only choice is to fight harder, never ever let up and do everything in our power to build up our immune system so it can fight our internal battle.  I have changed my diet to a mostly raw/cooked vegetarian one, with lots of good fats such as coconut oil and avocados, eliminated all grains and sugar and bought a powerful water filtering system, because your water is very important!  I take many vitamins, and herbs, eat organic, eliminated all grains, sugar and flours, and exercise 3-4 times a week.

Being proactive, grateful and happy is your best defense toward warding off disease.

The photo is my typical raw salad I eat daily.  Avocados, arugula/ greens, raw nuts, and veggies. Fresh lemon juice and Olive oil dressing.

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