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Almost Eight Years and Still Living and Rowing!

Today is my 66th birthday.  Thought 8 years ago I would never see my 59th birthday.  My morning started out with a beautiful row and when finished my husband John did a video of me rowing a short piece.  Nothing spectacular, but just a physical testimony to fighting Cancer and never giving up.

Then I came in onto the dock, prepped my boat to be brought to our boat rack. As I was stepping onto the higher dock, I slipped and crashed, fell into the water and the stern of my rowing shell cracked and split open and filled with water.  I only bruised my knee slightly and so other than not having my boat until it’s fixed it wasn’t too horrible.  I’ve owned this boat since 2006 and not once has it needed structural repair from an accident.  Oh well, you know, the Devil was out to steal my Joy, but he’s not going to win!

My last blog I shared with you the Prologue to my book called “Kinsugi”.  Now, my boat will become a Kinsugi—repaired and put back together—never to be the same, but just more beautiful and hopefully Faster!!

To your health and happiness,



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