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The Spirit of a Winner

On my way to a UCF Football game, John and I ran into the Basketball team signing autographs.  John insisted I get a picture with Tacko Fall, who is 7’6” and studying engineering.  Last season he was hurt and so this year we all look forward to his playing well for the team.  Yes, this is a very silly photo, but as I was laughing at myself standing next to them, I realized that even though I am only 5’4”, I did not feel smaller than them until I saw the picture.  It’s all about how we view ourselves.  It made me think about beating cancer and beating your opponent and what it takes.

Athletes are strong determined people who never ever give up.  They play to win.  They eat to win, they sleep to win, they love the discipline of their sport and love the challenge of their sport.  Cancer is an opponent and if we think about it that way, we can then utilize our strategies and techniques to beat it.  We need to pump up our self-image—stand tall, have confidence, set personal goals, remain active, and have an excellent team and coach behind us.  We need a cheer-leading squad and upbeat music to drive us forward and excite us to win.  Keep us motivated.

A positive self-image is extremely important in all aspects of life and especially when battling cancer.  Having to cope with all the physical and emotional changes and challenges that occur such as hair loss, weight gain, surgery scars, extreme fatigue, sadness, anxiety, fear, anger and frustration are tough opponents.  But winning is worth the effort!

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