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Facing our Fear

We just recently moved to a home on a lake.  It had been our mission for some time to get back on the water and we finally did it.  When we met our neighbors, we heard about the 10 foot alligator lurking on our side of the shoreline. We row most every day and that news just flipped me out.  The fear began to steal my joy of rowing away. Instead of enjoying my morning row, I was looking for the alligator.  Instead of enjoying our beautiful view and dock in the evening, I would see the gator lurking in the lily pads or moving across the water toward his home.  Yes, he does exist, and he does lurk about.  Someone must be feeding him which stirs my fear big time. Traps have been set to catch him from several homes, but there seems to be a gator lover who is cutting down the traps and the saga continues.

What does this have to do with cancer you may be thinking.  Isn’t this a blog about cancer?  When I was thinking about my fear and doing my blog this week, I realized that any type of fear is detrimental to your health.  Fear of cancer or having cancer is the worst-case scenario, but fear of an alligator or anything else that is disrupting your “joy” needs to be shut down immediately.

The opposite of fear is trust.  That’s where I have been focusing my thoughts about this situation.  I am not there fully yet, but I am diligently working on it.  As a Christian, I put my trust in God.  But you can take your personal values and faith and put them to work for you as well.  During my first bout with cancer, I had written down this in my notebook. “Truth is God’s remedy for error of every kind.”  What that says to me is by putting my trust and faith in God’s hands he will remedy my situation and the error facing me.

Fear robs our lives of so many wonderful opportunities and outcomes and it needs to be quelled.  I hope you will join me in my journey to face fear with a strong suit of spiritual armor!

Blessings and Health,


Photo is a picture of the alligator heading to his home in the evening sunset.

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