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Synergy – One Therapy or Protocol is not enough to battle Cancer or any Disease

When I get asked, “What did you do differently to win the battle against cancer,” there is not just one protocol that I will mention.  In mainstream health care, you would hear this answer—”I’m doing Chemotherapy, or I’m doing Radiation and/or Surgery.”  But in Alternative Integrative Medicine, many therapies are given to battle cancer, and depending on what you have, the options change.  My Integrative medicine doctor said to me, “We can’t do everything, so we will start with a few things and see how it works, then we will add other things.  We will fight this battle together.”  My doctor started me on high dose vitamin C therapy at 50 mg with I-Therm therapy.  I was given many vitamins and minerals to take as well.  He recommended that I do a Panchakarma and off I went.

On top of my treatments, I made drastic personal changes. I completely changed my diet, I exercised hard and released toxins by breaking a good sweat and pushed my body to its limits, I got lots of sunshine, breathed fresh air, I prayed and was on many prayer lists, I meditated, I did yoga, I cleansed my mind, read positive inspirational books, laughed a lot, detoxed my liver, did a bowel cleanse and the list goes on and on.

I always get asked, “Which one worked?”  My answer is, “I don’t know, I think they all worked.”  All the therapies worked synergistically with each other and created a strong defense against the cancer.”

I believe it’s a powerful result greater than the sum of working separately that healed me.  Teamwork so to speak!  We all know that working together vs. separately, gives greater results, and so the use from this type of health care was very powerful in my healing.

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